Friday, 10 October 2014

The Moto 360

2104 is known as the year of wearables and already we have seen a lot of manufacturers rolling out their own piece of wearable technology, from smartwatches to sunglasses .Moto 360 is an android powered Smartwatch manufactured by Motorola.Moto 360 is one of  the most anticipated wearable device of the year and was released on September 5 2014.
Let's take a look at the Moto 360 in two simple categories.

Hardware And Design

The Moto  360 has a form factor based on a circular design like most conventional watches. It has  1.56" capacitive display with a resolution of 320*290 pixels .Under the hood it is powerd by a 1GHz TI Omap 3 processor and a 512MB RAM.4Gb of  Storage capacity is not very large but still ok considering it's only a smartwatch .The a 300mAh battery in the device can last you an average of 15hrs of light usage and can be recharged by a QI wireless charger that can charge the battery pretty fast.It also IP67 Certified,meaning it is fully dust and water resistant.Pairing to an android device is through  Bluetooth .

Software and Operating system

The Moto 360 is powered by the Android wear 1.0 operating system specially built for wearable technology.It has access to the Playstore for android wear applications and Google Now.
VERDICT: The moto 360 is a great piece of wearable technology and a fashionable piece as well.
Availability in Nigeria is none as it is not available in any store In the country however, you can purchase from store outside the country and then ship to Nigeria. It cost about $250 in the United states.


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