Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Google PlayStore 5.0.31 With Material Design

We all are awaiting the public release of the upcoming Android L and one thing we are looking forward to in Android L is it's redefined design I.e the material design. The google play store now receives an update to 5.0.31 which add more material design, the icons are much flatter now, nicely and smoothly moving animation with sharper colors. This leaves us to think we might just be getting the Android L sooner.Although, this is no official version as it has not been released by Google yet, but you can try it out by side-loading it onto your device. If you use Android L preview you might want to chill a little till google roll out the update themself as it as been confirmed that uninstalling this update will not be as easy on Android L preview.

Download the Playstore 5.0.31.apk

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